Hold your own Bonfire Night without actually building a bonfire

Hold your own Bonfire Night without actually building a bonfire

Hold your own Bonfire Night without actually building a bonfire

Remember, remember…

One of the joys of the fireside lifestyle is Bonfire Night in the UK, and the date is fast approaching. Dare to be different this year and stray away from the norm of visiting a communal bonfire by holding your own. 

To hold the perfect intimate Bonfire Night for close family and friends, Swedish torch logs are the ideal alternative to exhausting yourself and building your own. Join us as we explore why below.

A Swedish fire log torch is an excellent alternative to building your own bonfire

The Swedish fire torch is a wooden log designed to hold its own fire and burn long and warm. Each log has multiple cuts through the wood, providing air to keep the fire ventilated while burning from the inside out, maintaining its flame. So simple and yet unequivocally warming and comforting.

That’s what makes them a great alternative to a traditional bonfire — surprise your family and friends with a Bonfire Night like no other with a Swedish fire log torch.

Just as much fun

The torch’s prominent namesake comes from their unique history: in days gone by, they were used by the Swedish army for instant multi-functional heat and light. Remarkably, they still serve the same purpose for people today who are attracted to the allure of fireside living. For Bonfire Night, proud owners of these logs don’t even need to learn how to build a bonfire — they just set the torch alight and enjoy making memories around the bonfire for two-to-three hours.

Safer than a traditional bonfire

With less fuel comes a more controlled flame. This single log holds its own, burning brightly and for a long time while reducing the hazards typically associated with Bonfire Night. They can be placed on grass, stone or in a fire pit with limited risk to the surrounding environment and people. Attendees can even get up close and safely toast marshmallows in the controlled flame.

Smaller, cleaner and portable

A Swedish torch log fire is clean, portable and self-contained, making it the ideal on-the-go bonfire option. Heading to the park or even just spending some quality time in your garden? Have peace of mind knowing this bonfire will be much easier to place in your desired location and clean up afterwards than if you were to go ahead and build one for Bonfire Night.

Better for the environment

Having been dried to below around 20% moisture, Swedish torch logs burn cleaner than a bonfire. Since they’re easy to light and air fuels the fire, fewer resources are used overall in their burning. Each torch also burns from the inside out and keeps its shape while burning, so they are the perfect degradable fire pit option for those concerned about the environment (as we all should be). Choosing an environmentally conscious torch maker is also a massive benefit for our planet.

If you’re ready to hold a cosy yet communal Bonfire Night with a difference, choose to gather your loved ones around a Swedish fire torch log. Buy your own ethically sourced Swedish torch in time for Bonfire Night with Kindwood — ours even comes with a natural firelighter to get you started so you can focus on making new fireside memories. 

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