It was time we kicked our shoes off.

‘What is it about fire?’ The question that started a brand…

Now and again a simple idea or question may plant a seed. Then, with a little feeding and love, that seed starts to grow and gather momentum, ultimately escalating into something industry-changing and revolutionary.

Such is the case with Kindwood - this is our story

One winter night, two friends were sitting in front of a firepit putting the world to rights. The fire warmed them. It was comforting. Staring into the flames was fascinating – hypnotic even – and it prompted one of them to ask the question:

‘What is it about fire that feels so good?’

Of course, there are many answers. We know fire has provided a source of warmth, comfort, and safety to humans for more than 400,000 years. And it could be much longer - scientists are currently arguing about recent discoveries that suggest humans may have controlled fire as long as 1.7 million years ago.

Whichever it is, fire has been an essential part of human development. It’s allowed us to cook our food, move to colder areas, and it’s offered us protection against potential predators and enemies.

So, perhaps it’s primal instincts that give us our affinity to fire? Certainly, cultures the world over share the same attraction to fire as we do. However, now we have gas and electric cookers and central heating at the flick of a switch, we don’t rely on it like our forefathers did. But we still love it, and for most people nothing beats the feel, smell, and sound of logs burning on an open fire or in a wood burning stove.

‘Kind Comfort’ and the #ComfortRevolution

Kindwood believe there are two types of comfort. There’s the kind which makes you feel relaxed and at ease – like being around loved ones, watching your favourite programme, or taking a long walk. The other kind of comfort is the ‘feelgood’ comfort that comes from knowing you’re doing the right thing for people and the planet.

And a blend of the two creates ‘kind comfort’.

Right now, all around England, home-owners are loving the comfort factor a stove, open fire or outdoor fire brings to a family home. Is it that primal instinct, or a feeling of nostalgia from their childhood that brings with it a flush of comfort feelings? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that fire - which provides heating, energy and comfort for a home and the great outdoors - is important. And that’s really where we come in…

For most of us, home represents comfort, kindness, love, and safety. And these days, as we’re all becoming more aware of the environmental damage we’ve done to the planet we’re living on, it’s important to make sure that the products we use is safe and kind to people and the planet – hence Kindwood.

The Sustainability Era

The world is entering a new era, known as the sustainability era. This is a world where we take what we currently have, then make it better and kinder. Sustainability is an imperative for brands - consumers are becoming more value-driven, increasing the demand for options that don’t harm the planet and its people.

Building a kinder fireside industry

Eco-Entrepreneur Taylor Gathercole founded Kindwood with a simple mission: to provide people and planet kind warmth. With start-up experience in sustainability, DTC brands and marketing, Taylor is building a purpose-led, consumer branded lifestyle fireside company that cuts waste, captures carbon, and provides authentic comfort to people.