Our story

A different, but old perspective

We started Kindwood because we didn't want to choose between quality experiences and looking out for the planet.

Behind the product...

At Kindwood, we do things our way. We create our own unique designs, travel the country searching for the finest materials, and spend months finding the right craftsmen. For us, it is about the way we do it, not what we do. We go out of our way to find people and places with the same ethical standards—the ones who care about their employees' lives, about the environment and about making top-quality products.

It's all in the details...

We wanted to see fireside products afresh - to do it better - and create a brand we would buy. Because we value honesty, we relish buying from similar souls, from people who want to stand for something. Like the small-scale craftsman who handmakes quality pieces with care in his workshop or the independent grower who lovingly harvests his patch of land. Why not be the same with fireside products?

‘What is it about fire?’ The question that started a brand…

Now and again a simple idea or question may plant a seed. Then, with a little feeding and love, that seed starts to grow and gather momentum, ultimately escalating into something industry-changing and revolutionary.

Such is the case with Kindwood - this is our story

One winter night, two friends were sitting in front of a firepit putting the world to rights. The fire warmed them. It was comforting. Staring into the flames was fascinating – hypnotic even – and it prompted one of them to ask the question:

‘What is it about fire that feels so good?’

Of course, there are many answers. We know fire has provided a source of warmth, comfort, and safety to humans for more than 400,000 years. And it could be much longer - scientists are currently arguing about recent discoveries that suggest humans may have controlled fire as long as 1.7 million years ago.

Whichever it is, fire has been an essential part of human development. It’s allowed us to cook our food, move to colder areas, and it’s offered us protection against potential predators and enemies.

So, perhaps it’s primal instincts that give us our affinity to fire? Certainly, cultures the world over share the same attraction to fire as we do. However, now we have gas and electric cookers and central heating at the flick of a switch, we don’t rely on it like our forefathers did. But we still love it, and for most people nothing beats the feel, smell, and sound of logs burning on an open fire or in a wood burning stove.