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The Joy of Sitting Out

The Joy of Sitting Out

Sitting out in the garden has to be one of the most popular pastimes, enjoying the warm weather the British climate affords us. At its simplest, this could be sitting on the lawn, soaking in some vitamin D and sometimes, a delightfully curated area for unwinding and enjoying what the garden has to offer is needed. After what feels forever stuck inside, evenings spent at home has undoubtedly lost their allure.

Given the change, we'll all be rushing outside to enjoy every meal under the sun's rays. The idea of laidback alfresco dining is something of a delight, and given this chance, we must all embrace it.

Setting the scene

Needless to say, greenery is what your garden is made for. Don't just think of low-level plants, but look for areas where you can use height to draw the eye upwards. A climbing rose on a trellis close to your dining area or something like honeysuckle or jasmine to add a slight fragrance to your garden.

You have two options when it comes to creating your areas, you either split it into two, where cooking happens in one place, and dining happens in another, or if you're tight for space, bring it all together; creating a focal point for alfresco dining and evening comfort.

Eventually, the nights get darker, and you're running out of light, and this is why investing in an elegant but practical light source is going to be imperative to embracing the joy of outside, and what better way to do this than using a fire pit. 

Fire pits offer one of the best solutions to evening can ask for, from providing light but heat and a way to enjoy some toasted marshmallows. 

However, there is an idea that you might not have considered. Being outside is a chance to maximise on candlelight more than you might do inside: gather them around doorways, use them to light pathways, and create tiny clusters in corners as well as down your tabletop. We recommend the candles crafted by St. Eval.

What we have discussed so far goes way beyond is dining abilities. The garden is a place to read, a place to put your feet up, an area to enjoy picnics and tea parties, and so much more. It's versatile and exciting. 

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