What kind of fire pit suits your garden?

What kind of fire pit suits your garden?

What kind of fire pit suits your garden?

There’s something special about having a dedicated retreat to enjoy a fire burning at home. Whether it’s for warmth, cooking, entertaining or just unwinding, a fire pit brings a sense of joy and bespoke finish to your home’s garden.

Furthermore, your garden is a safe space in its own right. It’s important to marry the two elements — the fire and your space — to achieve a true sense of fulfilment. Creating the perfect outdoor seating area takes much vision, so here’s what we recommend.

Consider your usage

How a fire pit is used adds much gravity to the decision around which sort to choose for your outdoor space. Are you looking for something portable? Do you care to barbecue over it? Is it mainly for socialising and so must have a certain aesthetic? Explore the options below.

Table fire pit

Table fire pits are functional and decorative — perfect for those short on space who are looking for their ideal design to match the aesthetic of their garden. They do, however, have their drawbacks, including the inability to cook over it, they’re at a higher price point and the smoke emitted can be too much to sit closely to.

Brick fire pit

Brick fire pits are a much cheaper option, so long as you’re reasonably handy and can build it yourself. The bricks can be matched in colour, texture and pattern to the rest of your garden, and above all else, they are highly durable. As far as fire pits go, they do take a long time to build, so their setup is not instantaneous like other options on the market. They cannot be moved once built and again will emit a certain amount of smoke.

Basket fire pit

Versatile fire baskets are an endlessly useful fire pit: from alfresco breakfasts to creating a roaring fire of an evening, these simple yet rustically elegant contraptions are sure to provide a touch of heat to your garden. One downside is that the steel tends to rust when exposed to the elements, however, many home fire enthusiasts enjoy the rustic patina this leaves behind.

Kedai fire pit

These beautifully archaic and authentic pits have been used for hundreds of years for cooking and warming across the globe. They have unique designs and lots of cooking accessories that are built for them. They do need more maintenance than other options, are typically more expensive and emit plumes of smoke.

Consider your garden furniture and outdoor seating

The way you use your outdoor space and what you want to achieve with your fire dictates the sort of seating and accessories you’ll need. For example, a table fire pit likely means you’ll need sturdy outdoor and weather-proof seating all year round. Kedai, on the other hand, are portable and primarily used for cooking purposes, so in their case, temporary seating can be used and stored as desired to keep the garden clear of clutter.

Consider your terrain: patio, decking or grass?

You may be wondering what fire pit to use for decking, but the truth is that no fire pit should be placed directly on decking as sparks and heat will damage it with the potential to cause a dangerously uncontained fire. Use a fire pit pad or mat in all cases where a fire pit is placed on wood.

When it comes to what kind of fire pit can go on the patio, the answer is much simpler. As long as the fire is placed away from flammable materials, the patio is a great place to keep your pit. A fire pit can stain a patio though, so if you’d prefer to keep your stone pristine, again, using a fire mat will help protect against the heat that discolours it.

Fire pits can be placed directly on grass, though will almost certainly damage the lawn. If you are lawn-proud and prefer to keep it unscathed, it’s another situation where a fire pad is an excellent addition to your fire pit accoutrement. 

Consider how you will fuel your fire

Do you prefer firewood or charcoal? Charcoal is a good option if you plan to cook over your fire and would prefer a less smoky flavour. If you prefer wood and kindling, which is great for flame-kissed cooking and traditional socialising around a fire, kiln dried logs are a brilliant choice for your setup. The famous Swedish Torch log are easy to transport and sit comfortably within basket fire pits, making portable fire pits simple. There are even sustainable options available for the planet-conscious among us — something many providers claim but little follow through on.

Every fire pit is beautiful to experience; it’s simply that some are more suited to one purpose over another. You must buy or build the pit that feels right for you and your garden: that’s how you achieve a sense of true fireside enjoyment outdoors.


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