Sustainable firewood: What it means and where to source it

Sustainable firewood: What it means and where to source it

Sustainable firewood: What it means and where to source it

Looking for sustainable firewood near you?

In a world full of brands claiming to be sustainable, it’s sometimes difficult to discern which ones are actually making a difference. The search for sustainable firewood is no exception, with high amounts of competition and each provider looking to market their product as the best. 

Making a more informed decision about where to find sustainable firewood near you takes research. To begin with, let’s cover what sustainability means and the big problem that surrounds it.

What does sustainable actually mean?

Most often, sustainability is described as a means to meet our needs now without compromising the future of future generations and their need to meet their own needs then. It’s a notion becoming increasingly popular during the climate crisis. However, society faces issues when it comes to being misled by organisations on how sustainable they are.  

‘Corporate greenwashing’ is something that today’s consumers must look out for: companies stating that they are eco-friendly yet are not. Sometimes their positive environmental claims are false, and they are using greenwashing as a marketing tool to get more profit while not fulfilling their commitments.  

Consumers who sadly find themselves in this situation inadvertently contribute to negative environmental outcomes while thinking they are actually helping the planet.

Why choose sustainable firewood?

Being environmentally friendly is a shared responsibility by all on the planet. We have the choice to be better, so for a more secure future, we should be making more informed choices. This includes every choice, down to the firewood we use to warm our homes. 

Sustainable firewood harvesting and packaging — how can firewood be sustainable?

Every firewood provider is different. In an effort to ensure firewood being purchased is sustainable, always research the business that produces the firewood and their partners.

For example, at Kindwood, we believe in ‘people and planet kind warmth’. That means we see sustainability as a given and take the following measures to ensure our firewood is as sustainable as can be.

The environment

  • All of our logs are sourced within 80 miles or less radius of Kindwood's place of work, sourcing sustainably from sustainably managed woodlands.
  • Our strict criteria are used to prevent unsustainable timber purchasing and causing further damage to our woodlands.
  • We aim to Partner with The Woodland Trust as 'Corporate Partners' to plant trees with every bulk order bought, putting purpose over profit to replenish the resource we use.
  • Through our communications, including packaging, social media and more, we promote sustainability in a bid to let our customers must know exactly where our wood comes from, how it's processed and for what reasons.

The process

  • We opt for waste heat drying (kiln dried), where our solid fuels are dried using waste heat.
  • Our processing uses 100% renewable electrical energy, which comes from an on-site biogas plant.

The materials

  • From our standard pallets to our crates, we make sure all timber used is refurbished: all our crates come from farms or orchards, used to collect fruits and veg.
  • Zero plastic is crucial for us — we strive to make our entire process plastic-free from packaging to distribution and work with our supply chain to encourage alternative options.
  • Our timber is locally sourced within 80-miles from either ASNW (Ancient Semi-Natural Woodlands), SSSI (Sites of Significant Interest), or extremely local sustainably managed woodlands within 20 miles where possible. 
  • We only endorse thinning projects from coppicing plants — cutting back to encourage more growth — and would never contribute to deforestation.

Making better choices now leads to a healthier planet for future generations. In the midst of the climate crisis and with deforestation and fuels directly contributing to it, the importance of sourcing sustainable firewood is growing. To discover more about how firewood can help make a difference, read one of our product descriptions.

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