We Now Offer FREE Packaging Returns!

We Now Offer FREE Packaging Returns!

Posted by Taylor Gathercole

We’re really pleased to announce that our free packaging returns have started! We’re committed to sustainability at the heart of everything we do; so, please help us, help the planet by returning your packaging to us. 

We designed our range of products the way they are so they could be reused, whether that was by you or us. Now is the chance to send back all those crates and hessian sacks you've been stockpiling.

If you send us back a hessian sack, we can reuse it over 10 times. 

Here are just a few benefits of recycling your Kindwood packaging…
🌎 Cuts climate-changing carbon emissions
🙌 Reduces landfill waste
💰 It’s more cost-effective than waste collection and disposal
🌲 Preserve the world’s natural resources

The little crates will last forever with the right care - All we would do is repair the bad bits.

Learn more here about how you can send back your packaging! 


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