How to create the top-down method for starting a fire

How to create the top-down method for starting a fire

How to create the top-down method for starting a fire

For months now we've spoken of this wonderful method called "Top-Down", also known as the upside down fire and we thought it was about time we told you what it is all about and how to do it. 

Instantly you recognise this isn't no conventional way to start a fire, and it is certainly a little backwards looking but we're here to convince you just how amazing it is. 

To begin this method you need to start by placing 2 logs at the bottom as your base (or foundation)... I know I know, you're already thinking, how is this going to work? Just trust me.

This method will work on all fire appliances — Wood-burning stoves, open fire, fire pits, pizza oven and more.

The Top-Down Method for Starting A Fire | Kindwood | Sustainable Firewood

Once you've placed the two big logs at the bottom, if wish, you could place two smaller logs on top of those in the opposite direction, but you could simple go straight to building a jenga tower of kindling. Ideally 6-8 pieces of kindling.

Once you've done this, all you need to do is add a firelighter on top of the jenga tower of kindling. Just like the image below.
Place a Natural Firelighter on top of the Kindling - Kindwood
Now all you need to do is start the ignition process and watch the magic unfold...
Single match to light the Kindwood Natural Firelighter
This is where the magic happens, close the door and open the vents right up for maximum airflow, and you'll notice the kindling begin to catch light.
The Top-Down Method - How To Start a Fire - Kindwood
The science behind this method is quite simple, by having the fire (ignition point) at the highest point of the stove, any gases that are released will rise, and will be ignited due to a high flame. The beauty of this is it'll allow your flue to heat up much quicker, creating better draw and in the most amazing way you will not need to touch the fire for a while other than dampening down the vents around 10-15 minutes in. 
From then on, just add roughly 1 log an hour (if using a wood burning stove) to keep your fire going. Remember you added two logs in straight away, giving you a head start. 
Kindwood - Hessian Sack of Logs - Top-Down Method - Sustainable Firewood
What do you need to do this method?
6-8 Pieces of Kiln Dried Kindling
We'd love to know how you get on with this method? Feel free to comment, email or share on social media your results and opinion! 
Happy burning !!

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