Packaging and Transportation made Loud and Clear

Packaging and Transportation made Loud and Clear

Packaging and Transportation made Loud and Clear

Those of you who have known us from the start and have gotten to know us well will know that we're all about authenticity and transparency. Those of you who don't know us quite so well, being authentic and transparent about each stage of the journey your wood fuel goes on is incredibly important to us. There's often a lot of confusion around packaging. What packaging can we recycle? What is it made from? Is it good for the planet?⠀

As a Direct-To-Consumer business, we have to use packaging to get the wood fuel to our customers and we have put a lot of thought, time and money into finding the best way to do this. ⠀

We aim to be as ethical as we can and we're willing to improve, adapt and propel forward whilst being authentic and honest with our customers.⠀

Item Packaging


Both The Big Crate and Little Crate use ex-fruit/vegetable crates from farms and orchards. As a way to encourage reusability, and to discourage single-use plastic we opted for ideas that not only looks good but makes it easy to enjoy the kind comfort experience. 

They're both untreated, which means you're able to use them as kindling, should you wish to not reuse them. 

Hessian Material

We use a hessian material across our entire range whether that is in the form of sacks or as a top cover for the crates. Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads — They're great for lining the bottom of your crates, reusing for your vegetables or even for Christmas sacks. It is also biodegradable and compostable (it degrades biologically in 1 to 2 years).

Information Label

All our products come with a product/information label attached to them which outlines products features/benefits, made from 150gsm FSC 100% recycled silk paper using non-GM modified vegetable-based inks. These are climate positive certified.

Delivery Packaging

Cardboard Box

Our outer cardboard boxes are recycled cardboard and can be recycled again and printing is minimal with a single colour used to save on ink which is plant-based.

We seal the boxes with a paper-based tape so that you don't need to remove this before recycling the box.

Shrink Wrap

Due to transportation requirements, all palletised orders must be secured in shrink wrap. Rather than opting for the easy route of plastic shrink wrap, we have been fortunate to source a wrap which is crated from Sugar cane, in a 100% renewable factory. It is 100% recyclable. 


Small Orders

We decided to use Parcel Force to get our small orders to our customers. They have achieved the ISO14001 standard for all their operational and headquarter sites. They use over 1,100 eco-start delivery vans and are currently trialling electric and hybrid vehicles.

Palletised Orders

We decided to use Jack Richards & Son, who are on the Palletline Network. Which is a network of national hubs which is able to dramatically decrease road miles. More information will be shared as work with our partners to create a further positive impact in distribution.


Our packaging costs us a lot more, for example, our Hessian Sack of Logs costs us 1001% more than if we were to use nets or plastic bags. We're willing to pay the price if it means we can be kinder to our planet and live life in comfort.⠀

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