10 Garden Updates To Do This Spring

10 Garden Updates To Do This Spring

10 Garden Updates To Do This Spring

We are now in the wondrous time of Spring where we begin to spend more time in our gardens, so why not make the most of the Spring weather to make a few updates to your garden. We've put a list of 10 garden updates you could make. 

1 Refresh The Lawn

If you haven't done it already then cut your lawn on the highest setting. If possible use a self-mulching machine so that finely chopped clippings can help feed your lawn rather than fill up brown bins.

You can make lawns more wildlife-friendly by letting the grass grow longer - just mow around the edge for some crisp definition.

Refreshing The Lawn | Reseeding The Grass | The Best Way To Cut The Lawn

2 Get Cosy Under Canvas

Whether it’s a small tepee for children to camp out in or a cavernous party place, tents have gone from purely functional to fabulous.

Tepee for children | Camp out in a cavernous party place | Cosy under canvas

3 Plant For Pollinators

Seeing plants buzzing with bees and butterflies is one of the joys of spring and summer. Purpletop vervain is a long-time wildlife garden favourite with clusters of intense vibrant purple flower and airy manner, but the shorter ‘Lollipop’ cultivar has the same characteristics and provides a more understated choice for the front of borders.

The Best Plants For Bees and Butterflies | Pollinating Plants | Plants For Pollinators

4 Go green

From ditching plastic pots to harvesting valuable water, many of us are now seeking out more environmentally friendly ways to garden. With the rise in alternatives to the dreadful pesticides and fungicides or ditching sprays altogether, consider natural pest control, companion planting and good ol’ fashion weed control — By hand. A quick tip: Avoid compost with PEAT.

Plastic-Free Seedling Pots | Plastic Free Gardening | Green Gardening | Eco-Friendly gardening

5 Make A Fire

Of course, we would suggest this. Why wouldn’t we? It’s not like we supply wood fuel, or is it… It’s time for barbecues to move over, it isnow all about cooking around and on a campfire (or fire pit). Check out the Kadai Fire Bowl made from recycled oil barrels… They look fabulous!

Cooking On Fire | Fire Pits | Kadai Fire Pit | Summer Barbeque | How to make a fire pit | how to light a fire pit | garden fire pit | fire pits uk | outside fire pit | outdoor fire pit

6 Upcycle Unused Clutter Into A Planter

I bet you never thought you could use an old garden boot, or a dented colander did you? Well, find those old boots, dented colanders, glass jars or even cans from all those canned goods you’ve been using lately and make creative (and free) planters. Poke around in your cupboards or closets for items that can hold soil, drill some drain holes, then use them to plant early spring flower seeds such as pansies, violas or nasturtiums.

 Boots for plant pot | Cans for seedlings | reused planters

7 Feed the Birds

Birdwatching brings joy any time of the year, and with many species migrating now, you may get to see one that wouldn’t normally visit your feeders. Mix up a marvel meal, a high-energy seed and peanut butter food, that can be smeared into tree bark or pine cones. Seeing and hearing your happy, little visitors will lift your spirits.

Bird Feeding | Birdwatching | How To Make Bird Feeders | Eco Bird Feed | Sustainable Bird Feeder | DIY Bird Feeder

8 Invest In A Green Roof

Eco roofs are booming increasingly popular as they help increase biodiversity, provide good insulation, improve air quality and control water runoff — They’re also very attractive. There are plenty of products available — You can even retrofit an existing shed and garage if they are able to take the weight.

Green Roof | Eco Roofs | Increase Biodiversity with Green Roofs | Plant Covered Roof

9 Permeable Surfaces

One of the most eco-friendly things a garden can do is decrease rainwater runoff. Consider a permeable surface if you’re doing a hardscape project, and use captured rainwater or greywater in the garden.

Landscaping ideas for surfaces that allow water to seep into the ground to aid filtration and slow the flow into drains and waterways are gaining momentum. From a design perspective, permeable surfaces introduce the satisfying crunch of gravel underfoot and add a softer element to hard surfaces.

Permeable Surfaces | Eco-Friendly things A Garden Can Do | Landscaping Ideas For Surfaces Allow Water To Seep | Water Runoff

10 Sustainable Garden Furniture

Spring is normally the time we take a look at refreshing our garden furniture so why not consider reusing or recycling furniture for the garden? We’ve seen people recycle old sewing machine tables and four chairs from a second-hand shop. Even looking on eBay or gumtree, as well as local junk shops. If you’d prefer to not go through the effort of upcycling, look out for brands which are doing their very best to act sustainably. For example, DuraOcean has created a chair made from recycled ocean plastic waste.

DuraOcean | 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic Waste | Second Shop | Upcycling Furniture

And that's a wrap for our 10 Garden Update ideas. If you have any ideas that you're proud to have done leave and comment and we'll share them on our Instagram @kindwood


  • I’ve designed a new area in my garden which wasn’t available to me before. Myself and my son Reuben have build a log store for our outside fire pit. We wanted to purchase some logs that were ready to burn and also look presentable when stored.

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