The Little Crate


Kindwood kiln dried logs are guaranteed to be sourced in the UK within 80 miles of our yard (and usually within 40). They’re cut and kiln dried using renewable energy generated from a bio-gas plant - we use nothing from the grid - the process is carbon-negative.

There is nothing better than putting another log in the wood-burning stove and sitting back to enjoy one of natures greatest pleasures, fire. The beautiful flickers, the glowing embers and irresistible warmth. The fire is about the experience, more specifically the 'Comfort' experience, this is what we're all about. 

Each crate has between 20-22 Kiln Dried Logs. Enough for 3-4 fires.

These crates are ex-apple crates from orchards, bringing a once considered waste product back to life, and into a world of reusability. 

To ensure high quality at all times, our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs meet strict quality control guidelines for moisture content, size, volume, species and origin.

  • Kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content
  • Dried using 100% captured waste heat from a biogas plant at our yard
  • Processed using 100% renewable energy
  • Logs sourced within 80-miles of the yard (usually within 40-miles)
  • Burns at a high temperature with a long and natural flame
  • Low in tar so better for your appliance
  • Ideal for wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens or traditional open fires
  • Can be used in chimineas & fire pits to keep you warm outside on late summer nights
  • Packed in ex-fruit/veg crates from local farms & orchards
  • Carefully sourced from responsibly managed woodland in the UK
  • Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried logs provide you with the optimum burn quality with maximum heat output. The kiln-drying process in our captured waste heat kilns removes most of the water for you, down to below an average of 20% moisture content. Burning kiln dried logs limit and prevent the build-up of soot or tar in your chimney or flue and will ensure your stove glass is kept clean and because you get so much heat output, you will need fewer kiln dried logs than if you were to buy seasoned logs. Kiln-dried logs provide you with a consistent product that you can rely on every time, unlike ‘seasoned logs’ which can be inconsistent in terms of their moisture content due to the natural and varied drying process. The standard length of 25cm kiln dried logs is recommended by stove manufacturers to fit 99% of wood-burning or multi-fuel stoves.


Crate Size
50 x 40 x 30cm
Pack Size
0.06m3 (20-22 Kiln Dried Logs)
Log Length
25cm (9 ¾”)
Log Diameter
6cm - 15cm (2.3 - 6”)
Moisture Content
20% or below
Ash Content
CO2 Saving
Ready to Burn
FSC® Certified
Mixed Hardwood — Oak, Ash, Beech & Sycamore
Wood Burner, Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Chimineas, Cooker, Pizza Ovens, Grills, Fire Pits