20 Uses For Wood Ash You Never Thought Of | What To Do With Wood Ash | How To Use Wood Ash In The Garden

20 Uses For Wood Ashes You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

20 Uses For Wood Ashes You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

If you’re reading this you either have an indoor fireplace or an outdoor fireplace (or somehow ended up with a lot of ash…) Chances are you have an abundance of wood ash.

Before you you do toss it, we wanted to share with you 20 uses for wood ash that can be used on a regular basis.

Wood ash believe it or not is a Fantastic by-product. It’s not waste. Knowing how to use it could you money now and be a lifesaver later.

  1. Slugs and snails are among garden pests that hate ash if you add it around plants.
  2. A layer of ash can be used to protect and preserve food by deterring insects from stored seeds and produce.
  3. A thin layer of ash protects plants from frost in the winter.
  4. Another way to use wood ash in the garden is to help strengthen plants that love calcium. This can include broccoli, garlic, celery, spinach, cabbage and many more.
  5. You can remove stains from clothes using wood ash. Works best when the stain is fresh.
  6. It’s not just good for cleaning stains out of clothing either. You can also use wood ash to clean your furniture stains… Who knew. Make a paste from the ash and water, it really is that simple.
  7. Ever got the fire too hot or needed to put a fire out in a hurry? You can just dump some wood ash right on top of the flame.
  8. Did you know bees serve an important purpose in the ecosystem but ants can get in there and cause a lot of trouble? The wood ash helps the bees but doesn’t harm anything else.
  9. Your headlights are needed for a lot of reasons but in a survival situation, they can also be spotlights. You want to have them clean and clear, and using wood ash to make a paste is a good way to achieve this.
  10. Wood ash is a brilliant soil amendment for overly acidic soil. If you’re able to test the pH level of your soil, do so to make sure you don’t add to much or don’t need to add any at all.
  11. Dust-Bathing Birds such as Chickens love to bathe in order to controls pests, adding ashes to their dust bath helps to kill bugs like mites, fleas.
  12. If you have a glass door on your wood stove, they can become stained with creosote blocking your view of those beautiful flames. Dab a bit of the powdery ash on a damp sponge or cloth and use it to scrub the creosote away. Please wait for your stove to cool down before cleaning the glass.
  13. Must admit we don’t know anyone who actually enjoys cleaning silver, but if you do, you can use wood ash to make the job a little easier. Just mix the white ash with some water to make a thick paste.
  14. Seeds that aren’t properly stored lose their viability and won’t germinate. Saving seeds in a good insulating and moisture absorbing medium is key. Simply add ashes to whatever container you are storing seeds in to cut down moisture and to protect your seeds.
  15. Ash is an effective odour treatment. Simply sprinkle some over smelly areas like the cat box.
  16. When you mix wood ash with water, you get lye, which is a common ingredient in traditional soap-making. Throw in a form of fat and add a lot of boiling and stirring, and you’ve got homemade soap.
  17. Wood ash is great for growing tomatoes! Just sprinkle a half cup in each hole before you plant.
  18. Wood ash has salt in it (quite a lot actually). Therefore, it makes for a natural way to deice your walkways and driveways. Not that we will have much ice or snow in the UK…
  19. If you’re feeling brave and you just have so much wood ash you don’t know what to do with it, maybe wondering creating your own toothpaste? Apparently it can help whiten your teeth.
  20. We said earlier on that Chickens love it for bathing, well it is also good to add into their feed. Ash has a lot of calcium and potassium, which is great for chickens and their eggs.

Hopefully, these tips will help you put your wood ash to good use around your home and garden. Even if you don’t have wood ash, these are great tips to remember for survival situations…

As you can see wood ash is a wonderful item to have on hand because of its versatility. Perhaps it makes for the perfect excuse to get a wood-burning stove or a fire pit? Maybe even build your own. (Let’s not forget the delicious camping recipes!)

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