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10 Ways To Reuse The Little Crates

10 Ways To Reuse The Little Crates

There is nothing more exciting than a little DIY project, upcycling items into masterpieces bringing your interior and exteriors to life. Whether that be the creation of the outside bar, or the stacked shelving full of plants.

We've put together a list of 10 ways to reuse our ex-apple little crates, making the perfect little upcycling project. Living sustainably is a way of life for us, and we want to encourage more and more people to do the same, so we made it easy for you.

1. The Stepped Garden Planter

If you've got enough of The Little Crates laying around, then in this stepped/stacked formation they would make a beautiful spring showpiece. Full of life and colour.

2. The Double Storey Indoor Wood Storage

Two crates stacked sideways would make for a perfect go-to indoors log storage, that way you don't need to battle with the chilly weather outside, keeping nice and toasty warm.

3. Small Garden Storage

Need a place to put those frequently used wellies and maybe some more plants (you can't have too many plants) then maybe consider a few crates in the garden, near the door.

4. Store them shoes

Shoes get everywhere. Forever stripping over them, and don't blame the dog! Tidy away your shoes and boots or show off your favourite pairs.

5. The Perfect Outdoor Log Store

Turn your little crates into an outdoor log store, with the addition of an apex roof to prevent rain flooding the crates.

6. The Snuggle Box

Spring and summer may only be around the corner but it is still winter! Make a snuggle box at the end of the sofa to stash all your favourite cosy blankets and cushions. Everything you need within arms reach.

7. A Book/Magazine Shelf

There is no denying we all love a few books on show, and if you're always looking for inspiration, it's a great place to place all your magazines.

8. The Perfect Garden Wall

Imagine a wall made from crates filled spring and summer items, from logs to candles and fairy lights, perfect for those light evenings by the fire pit. The perfect way to divide your patio from the rest of the garden.

9. A Bedside Table

From cosy to more cosy — Our little crates would stack up well by the bedside with plenty of storage above and inside.

10. Coffee Table

Apart from using these as log stores, this is our favourite use. We are lovers of coffee and these make for the best coffee table, either in your snug or TV Room.

These are but a few ways you make use of the crates — Do you have any ideas that you would like to share? Use the hashtag #KindCrates and we'll share them!

10 Ways To Reuse The Little Crates — Vintage Apple Crates — Sustainable Firewood - Firewood - Indoor Wood Storage - Log Store

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