The Swedish Torch Log


Once used by the Swedish army in days gone by as a way to get instant multi-function heat and light. Now you know how the name came about. Who knew evenings in the garden, camping or evening on the beach could be so simply warming and comforting.

Locally sourced larch softwood kiln dried to below 20% less moisture content using our captured waste heat system. They have a practical 2-3 hour burn time and make the perfect degradable fire pit option. You can even cook on it (until it’s gone!)

  • Burns from the inside out and keeps its shape while burning
  • Easy to light, enough air fuels the fire and this large log burns for up to 3 hours.
  • Clean, portable and self-contained
  • The perfect summer fuel

They’re all 340mm tall (34cm) and diameter will vary from 180-300mm (18-30cm).

Also comes with one Natural Firelighter to get you started!