Norfolk Charcoal 3kg


Kindwood Norfolk Charcoal is created in a zero-emission retort at Stanhoe Farm, North Norfolk by Matthew and Abigail Gingell. It is crafted from a natural mix of our locally sourced hardwoods from managed woodlands similar to our firewood logs such as Ash, Beech, Birch & Oak. 

This blend heats fast and is ready to cook on almost immediately. It also lights freely – a match and one natural firelighter are all you need. It results in a delightful high heat flavour infusing, sustainable & natural charcoal product.

  • 100% British hardwoods, sourced locally
  • Mix lump pieces
  • Quick lighting and beautiful long burn times (2hrs+)
  • Beautiful for grilling, smoking and pizza ovens

Our Norfolk Charcoal is easy to light, quick to respond to changes in airflow. It copes well with a hot grill or low and slow setups. 

*Dust and small fractures we grade out of our packaging at source, however transport and handling by couriers will inevitably re-create this problem. We guarantee that no more than 5% of our bags will contain smaller particles. If you have smaller bits leftover please add the charcoal to your soil or plants.

Our charcoal comes in 3kg 2-ply paper sacks.