Kiln Dried Hardwood Kindling


The pizza oven has become an excellent way to cook al fresco. Fuelled with Kindwood kiln-dried oak kindling, and you'll be able to turn out dozens of crispy Margheritas in a minute or two.

Kindwood Kiln Dried Oak Kindling is ideal for Gozney and Ooni Pizza Ovens and will get your wood oven to over 500 degrees Celcius, indeed hot enough to cook up a tasty pizza in 60 seconds.

There is little reason to invest in a superb performing wood-fired pizza oven if you're going to use inferior fuels. Kindwood Kiln Dried Hardwood Kindling is sourced from British Woodlands and Kiln Dried using waste heat.

Disclaimer: Pieces may have bark on them. 

Our kindling is excellent for various indoor and outdoor burning. For example:

  • Starting a fire in your wood burner or open fire at home
  • Starting a campfire on your next camping trip
  • Lighting your barbecue or fire pit
  • Smaller cooking appliances - They will fit perfectly into an Ooni Pizza Oven
Sack Size 30cm x 45cm
Pack Size
Approx. 11 Litres
Kindling Length 15cm (6 Inches)
Moisture Content <15%
Ash Content Low
CO2 Saving 100%
Ready to Burn
FSC® Certified
Species Oak Hardwood & Sometimes Ash
Appliance Wood Burner, Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Chimeneas, Cooker, Room Heater, Pizza Ovens, Fire Pits