Box of Kiln Dried Kindling


A common mistake in building fires is not using enough kindling wood. Our Kindling which is untreated waste wood from local sawmills, is easy to light and use, with a low moisture content our kindling will light in no time. 

We are now offering our Kiln Dried Kindling in Cardboard packaging. We ensured we kept the packaging free from any plastic, giving you further peace of mind your wood fuel is not only great for an efficient fire, but for the planet too.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor burning

Our kindling is excellent for various indoor and outdoor burning. For example:

  • Starting a fire in your wood burner or open fire at home
  • starting a campfire on your next camping trip
  • Lighting your barbecue
  • Smaller cooking appliances - They will fit perfectly into an Ooni Pizza Oven
Box Size 30 x 23 x 23 cm
Pack Size
Approx 3.5kg
Kindling Length 15cm
Moisture Content 15% or below
Ash Content Low
CO2 Saving 100%
Ready to Burn
FSC® Certified
Species Mixed Softwood
Appliance Wood Burner, Multi Fuel Stoves, Open Fires, Chimeneas, Cooker, Room Heater, Pizza Ovens, Fire Pits