Fireside styling — indoor fireplace edition

Fireside styling — indoor fireplace edition

Fireside styling — indoor fireplace edition

Fireplace styles extend beyond the mantel alone. From the cosy space around them to the tools used to stoke a fire, design and aesthetic by the fireside can mean many things. Here we explore but a few styling choices to make your fireplace and the rest of your room feel right for you. 

Stylised firewood storage

Firewood storage is essential by the fireside, but the last thing needed when styling a room is a mess of bark on the floor or firewood piling up blandly in a corner. There are modern and traditional choices when it comes to storage, like this classic and rustic hessian bag keeping a batch of sustainable firewood cosily bundled together.

Sustainable firewood in a hessian bag by Kindwood

On the other end of the scale, while an old fashioned cast-iron firewood store might seem like an odd choice in a modern space, they can actually bring nuance to this traditional storage method, adding a sense of minimalistic modernity to a room.

A contemporary flair on a traditional iron firewood store

Depending on the aesthetic in the room, a definite styling choice between modern and traditional storage should be made to accentuate the design and feel.

The perfect tools

Nothing beats a well-crafted fireside set, but sometimes all you need is a single tool like a poker or shovel to dress the fire while also nailing the functionality side of things. As well as being fit for purpose, tools can be elegant and sleek, adding a new dimension to your room styling to tie the space together. Bonus points if your tools are hand-forged in black steel with an antiquated finish — that’s our preference here at Kindwood.

Fire dressed with iron tools and other simple accessories

Matches and fire gloves also come in handy and emphasise cosy nights in by the fire. They sit flawlessly beside your hearth all year round, ready for winter to set in.

Make a statement with candles

What compliments a fireplace more than fire itself? Even when the primary fire is not lit, candles capture the room’s intended essence and provide an atmosphere of natural warmth.

Source: Live View Studios

Adding scented candles can also bring another element into the space — fragrances with floral or musky, more earthy tones — ramping up the ambience for enjoyment by the fireside.

Additional furniture and features

An entire space can be tied together through statement furniture and features. Bringing natural elements into a room emphasises the intention of fireside living, so wooden furniture and green plants are a hugely impactful choice.

Items like crates slot perfectly into the rustic ambience created by having a roaring fire indoors. They can be dressed up to become more than a fireside must-have for your firewood: drape them with blankets, flowers, books and nicknacks for a naturally homey ambience for your room beyond the fireplace.

Vintage Apple Crates by Kindwood

These accessories can also be alternated at different times of the year: try adding fresh sunflowers in summer or pinning your Christmas stockings to them come December, keeping your fireplace safe and accessible for actual use.

The hearth was and is where people gather, searching for warmth, company and light, so we hope to have shared a few tricks on how to delight the people you invite into your home. Styling your fireplace and firewood to achieve the ambience desired is no simple task, but done right, it can be hugely impactful for fireside enjoyment across all seasons.

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